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EpicMafia is an online expansion of the classic party game Mafia! It includes 220 unique roles, thousands of table setups, and much much more. Join Mafia competitions and win trophies and community respect! With over two million games played, this is simply the best place to battle wits with some of the smartest Mafia players!

Mini Games

MafiaThe classic party game, reimagined!
CheatTry to get rid of your cards while calling others out on their lie!
CheckersThe classic board game of red and black!
Connect 4Compete with a player to get 4 in a row!
GhostConceal a word while trying to find the ghost!
Liars DiceClassic dice game where you raise the bet or call a bluff!
TiramisuA hilarious word game matching up nouns and adjectives!
JottoFigure out your opponent's five-letter word!
Crazy EightsThe playing card version of Uno!
RatscrewTry to gain your opponent's cards in this fast paced game that tests your reaction time!
ChessThe classic board game! Try to corner your opponent's king!
Texas Hold'emPlay the classic poker game! Fold, bluff, and call!
ReversiThe classic game where you convert pieces to your color!
ConcentrationPlayers battle over who has the best memory and concentration!
HeartsAvoid getting hearts and the dreaded Queen of Spades!
Chinese CheckersTry to move all your pieces to the other side of the board before your opponents!
Sink!Sink all of your opponent's ships!
AcrotopiaThe popular 'backronym' game, revived!
Dice WarsConquer your opponent's territories in this simplified variation of the game Risk!
Draw It!Guess what is being sketched to win!
BattlegroundsStrategically move your armies and find your opponent's secret plans!
GoClassic game with black and white stones!
MancalaCollect all the gems in this ancient game!
Dots and BoxesThe classic pencil and paper game!
BoggleThe popular 4x4 letter word game, now online!
Crack the CodeThe classic code-breaking game for two players!
Stack it!Battle an opponent in multiplayer tetris!
Battle SnakesMultiplayer snakes!
HexCreate a bridge before your opponent!
WordsmithThe classic board game of coming up with words from letter pieces!