• Visits one dead player every night.
  • Learns the role of that player.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

Alcoways still not the Tracker played 2,958 times
A Ton of Fakes played 1,228 times
Missing in Action played 720 times
Guess & Check played 595 times
Paranoid Pandemonium  played 580 times
Watching The Dead played 326 times
See? It's Fucking Cool played 212 times
Check that Graveyard played 188 times
Searching For Bernin played 145 times
What Role Was He? played 129 times
almost 11 years
@KGZ: This role is obviously mostly for no reveal setups. Also can be used in setups with janitor or tailor.
about 11 years
U already see someone's role when they r dead
over 11 years
zombies must die instantly when visit mortician
over 11 years
This is my favorite role. Hands down. This role is SO USEFUL!
almost 12 years
Well, you could include a message including who the dead person visited before they died (would make him useful for finding granny, knowing who has stuff like guns or vest.) at the very least it would make the mortician or more liked role
almost 12 years
GOD67, this is obviously for setups with No Reveal or Janitor.
about 12 years
Dude,you already see the role of the player when he is dead,noob
about 12 years
This needs major improvement. Its pretty much as useless as blue.
over 12 years
would be more useful if it found sanities
over 13 years
I love this role!!!!1
about 14 years