I hear it's amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hara-Kiri Rock. I need scissors! 61!
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> The early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese

Wow i updated it, just a little bit

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  • The winner of the first season of Jaylen23 Survivor: Borneo!

  • One of them EM facebook page admins xoxo

  • Runner-up of Season 2 EM Idol and top 5 of season 1

  • The host/judge of EM Idol 3 and 4 and 6 and 7

  • Co-host of Time to Shine

  • Co-host of Sounds of Sandbox

Christopherzilla as a hot dino

Potato's drawing of me:


Made 6 Maids



Never forget, NoOne21, Deadpan, Ignorance, IAmEugene, Mickron, etc.

:RIP: ʕง ͠ •ᴥ •ʔง MCNappeh (January 11 2014) :RIP: Kittykeri (October 31 2014)



over 9 years
exactly how many comedy golds do you have?
i think it's 8 right now?? I am honoured to have this many and i would like to thank my fans especially taylor swift
deletedover 9 years
I haven't seen you in forever man. Why don't we talk anymore? We should totally hang out!
Yo man we totally should, tell me when and where and I'll be there asap
over 9 years
*Spams AMA on your profile yw*
Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again soon!
about 10 years
Strange. I just watched like 8 episodes of Weekenders last night while high.. And now I find you. No quesiton. Just good on you. That shit's tight.
Aww yee B)
anonymousover 10 years
I only just noticed your avi is Tito from Weekenders, and I've known you for years.
As long as you were able to recognize my avi <33 who are you stranger?


19 / 20Super Sleuth!
13 / 15New Sheriff in Town
13 / 25Explosion!
9 / 20He's Batman
5 / 30Oxyclean
almost 5 years
my buddy!
about 5 years
forever my angel ❤️
about 5 years
about 5 years
Once living, luis4rod, the old maid, is now dead, and you will join him one day
As read from the last will of luis4rod: but what's my role

I always knew
about 5 years
deletedabout 5 years
omg help me please ... this is like the thirteenth time i've listened to your Kansas City song. I am supposed to be asleep, lmao
about 5 years
Hi! (its emotionless). Your singing makes me feel very emotional! It's absolutely wonderful and very tearing. I loveeeeeee it!
about 5 years
Blast from the past.
over 5 years
pete r parker
over 5 years
that's great it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes and airplanes, and lenny bruce is NOT afraid
over 5 years
over 5 years
Did your package ever arrive
over 5 years
join us. after u make an account goto my profile "daprinceomar" and apply to my faction :)
almost 6 years i hope u never unsee it
almost 6 years
i mean it's cleaner now u left
almost 6 years
hi can you teach me how to use discord fml
almost 6 years
Its been 7 years since our last game, I challenge you to a rematch.
almost 6 years
dunno let me pm you first
almost 6 years
do you still have skyp or are you one of those who moved to discord
almost 6 years
awye b)