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A poem for You: “Ballad of The Blue”


O why such glee, Villager most blue?,

Loud and gaily cheering?

Your role is null and plays no part,

Your lynch is surely nearing


O why such glee, Villager most blue?,

So joyous and at ease?

Your game is full of careless trolls,

Your cop has four CCs


I saw a frown on thy face,

Yet now eyes sparkle bright

And on thy cheeks a weary note,

Yet quickly leaving sight


I played a match in which I was clear,

Hammered wrong on lylo

My fellows took no pause to report,

Mods gave me a vio


I went to sandbox to serve my time,

Was forsaken as a main-er

Claimed virgin as fool to prove them wrong,

Now I only play survivor


One game more revealed by oracle,

Yet carolled middle my name

The town swiftly put my neck to noose,

Though naked doctor my claim


I took to hosting to avoid the trolls,

I kicked them all righteously

The forums proclaimed hostkilling vile,

D1 I woke lifelessly


Designed a setup with all the best roles,

Quickly negged to eternity

Put my face on forums for all to see,

Jamal reacted scornfully


Enough was enough, I left to never return,

Even installed a site blocker

The voices of trolls, weebs, try-hards out of my head,

Humans can be so improper


Yet temptation creeps and has a devil’s persuasion,

I returned that week (And gladly so!)

With neither thought nor care, I entered a new game,

My expectations unjustly low


I saw old players and those very new,

They greeted me with a smile!

They cried—‘O hoi! Welcome back to the site,

We had missed you for the while’


I skimmed the chat of jokes and stories,

Of a love-filled community

My heart was warmed as truth I realized,

Friends—not games—create unity


Anger washed away at my vegetable partners,

I felt like I belonged

I would go thrice again through all that I had been,

Should my friends come along


So even without night action, I gleefully cheer,

Unphased by our baker fasting

Though each of us plays for a reason only theirs,

The bonds we make are everlasting





anonymousabout 5 years
some1 mysterious ish saying hello
sunstorm 16 hours <3
over 5 years
what sound does a raccoon make?
This one mainly laughs and hoorays
over 5 years
actual footage of me
anonymousover 5 years
Eres mi gato favorito
grassy ass
about 6 years
miss you!!!... you miss me?


4 / 20Super Sleuth!
2 / 25Objection!
2 / 20Do No Harm
1 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
1 / 10Death Row
about 5 years
It pleases me to know that every year on October 1, we have a Raccoon Appreciation Day- Well deserved
about 5 years
You do smell cute
about 5 years
you smell cute!!!
about 5 years
this is why no one goes to ur pool parties
about 5 years
That's you and me. You're showing the humans where to put the fish.
about 5 years
I was at the vibin raccoon party ???
about 5 years
forever waiting..
deletedabout 5 years
awe ty Raccoon :3 +k u :)
about 5 years
i am :3
about 5 years
That will be our little secret. XD
about 5 years
about 5 years
no one showed up to my pet raccoon's pool party
about 5 years
about 5 years
i ship us ;;;;;;;;:::;;)
about 5 years
+k for sounding like michael cera
about 5 years
now that i deleted the post i can say 'no u' without anyone ever knowing what i no u'd
about 5 years
all thanks to mr rigby!!
about 5 years
last night i prayed to the lobsters gods and they told me they would protect u ... me n the lobster mandem have got ur back
about 5 years
i stan tristan
about 5 years
OMG Finally my 40th k.... bless you <3