• Chooses one person to kill every night.
  • Wins when the mafia outnumber the village.
  • Sided with the mafia.

In popular setups

Fancy Pants played 347,583 times
Classic Mafia played 248,715 times
Guns & Hookers played 216,307 times
Fool Training 3 played 52,535 times
Janitorial 2.0 played 34,308 times
Voltron Doesn't Like It played 26,758 times
this setup is bad and should n played 24,403 times
Basic Variant played 17,700 times
Politics as Usual played 14,896 times
frontier justice 2.0 played 13,773 times

Available Achievements

I'm Miller, I Swear! (20)
You survived and won the game after being investigated!
over 6 years
the role that wants u to quit epicmafia everytime u flip it
almost 7 years
"you cc": the role
about 7 years
best role ever.
almost 8 years
you cc
over 9 years
dis is gey
over 10 years
ugh worst role ever just ruins the game ugh
about 11 years
They should really rename this role. Mafia is the organization while "Mafioso" is someone who's part of the mafia. Using nilla, vanilla, is just confusing for newcomers, as is using mafia. Sign the petition!
deletedover 11 years
Over a year with no comments, I love you mafia role <3
almost 13 years
Eh, it wasn't funny anyway.
almost 13 years
I seriously didn't see the irony in that statement first glance. I'm serious.
almost 13 years
almost 13 years
What's with the glitch?
deletedalmost 14 years
The other best role ever.
almost 14 years
+k love it classic!
almost 14 years
I love this role! <3
almost 14 years
-k, I hate this role why they always killin folks? Loljk I +k'd it for love of classics
deletedalmost 14 years
+k how classic
almost 14 years
good roll
almost 14 years
what is this game called?
deletedalmost 14 years