• Anyone who kills him/her will be blown up.
  • Will not explode if lynched.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

Fancy Pants played 347,583 times
JFK Assassination V3 played 33,511 times
Stalk, Disguise, And Sue played 17,225 times
Trust each other played 8,482 times
Great And Innovative played 4,325 times
Pokemon Multi played 3,381 times
Armed & Redacted played 2,972 times
Fancy Pack played 2,695 times
Play this if you have brains played 2,326 times
Classic Variant played 1,972 times

Available Achievements

Explosion! (25)
You killed a mafia by exploding during the night!
over 9 years
if bomb gets the anarchist bomb
they both die

what a sight.
over 9 years
Recent role update, but Bomb still makes a kill attempt against their killer. (Ninja doesn't visit, remember.) Bodyguarding someone who hits the bomb has a 50% chance to counterkill the bomb, and a 50% chance to die in the killer's place. (The bomb takes a kill attempt [stopped by vests, docs, etc] regardless.) We don't know what happens if you counterkill the bomb - does the bodyguard take a kill attempt too?
about 10 years
Mech testing: If a Voodoo curses the Bomb and the Bomb triggers the curse, the Voodoo dies as well. If the Bomb holds an Anarchist bomb, the Anarchist dies as well when it explodes. If you shoot a Bomb with a gun, the shooter dies. If the Voodoo/anarch/shooter is vested, their vest will get hit. Interestingly, if a Bomb shoots a fabbed gun, *three* kill attempts are made against it. If it has three vests, it'll survive. Any less and the bomb dies. /// Conclusion: if you make a kill attempt against a Bomb, the Bomb makes a kill attempt against you back. It isn't just mafkills. // Additionally, a Ninja can bypass the explosion, 'cause it doesn't visit.
about 10 years
based2gami you just described anarchist role
over 10 years
bomb should be third tbh instead of blowing others up should give bombs when they visit and if 3 bombs explode wins or some shit like that
over 11 years
Probably the best role ever. Simply claim doctor or something normally stupid, whisper to real doc ur bomb, and kill mafia. :D
almost 12 years
So it blows up when the ww eats it?
about 12 years
if bomb is cursed and says the curseword voodoo wont die?!
about 12 years
I love the bomb. Especially when sniper takes bait XD
about 13 years
about 13 years
over 13 years
*pew pew*
beep...beep...EXPLODING IN 3...2...1...
o_o Oh crap.
over 13 years
Oh god it's morshu
almost 14 years
+k because its cool i die but a blow up a maff or killer.