• Carries one gun that can be shot during the day.
  • Gun cannot be stolen.
  • Identity will be revealed when the gun is shot.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

this setup is bad and should n played 24,403 times
frontier justice 2.0 played 13,773 times
Code Black Asylum (CBA) played 8,703 times
Yin Yang Chaos played 2,474 times
Darker than Black played 1,280 times
M.L.G. played 765 times
Hip-Fire played 377 times
I hate myself and you too. played 323 times
BOMBS AND BOOBS played 186 times
THE BAD MAN MUST DIE played 180 times

Available Achievements

New Sheriff in Town (15)
You successfully shot and killed a mafia!
deletedover 10 years
Confirmed: If Sheriff hasn't shot yet and is yakked, will still be able to shoot once converted to plain vanilla Mafia.
almost 11 years
In case anyone see this. There has been a curse ever since 2011 concerning this role. A Curse-for the maf. We call it the Sheriff's rule: "Whoever talks first, dies." Meaning whoever types something in the screen whether it was a slip or not that person should be targeted. This works 90% on killing maf and ever since I've used this role, I have been maf 9/10 times. Anyone who reads this, use the rule if you are sheriff and you will see promising odds :)
over 11 years
Authority always wins
about 12 years
Glitch: When I mimicked the Sheriff and the Sheriff died the same night. I became Sheriff but had no gun.
over 12 years
The other role icon by me mmyself and bi should have won. Fits the rest of the site.
over 12 years
For the role icons from before, go here:
about 13 years
I like it
over 13 years

Deputy is a much better name. For sure.
over 13 years
I prefer Sheriff personally, but Deputy is cool too. +k'd, good role.
over 13 years
What happens if there are multiple sheriffs in the game? Do they all become cops or just one of them at a time?
over 13 years
I like it
over 13 years
If I could edit the name I would.
over 13 years
I second the motion to change his name to deputy and +k. Smooth integration into casual and competitive games alike.
over 13 years
I suggest that his name be changed to deputy. Otherwise I like it.