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almost 9 years
Whats your favorite animu/mango that isn't One Piece?
Fist of the North Star, I need to read Jojo someday
anonymousalmost 9 years
holy shit you are alive
anonymousabout 10 years
get that op avi back
one day
over 10 years
whats up with the anon hate
i guess im easy to hate
anonymousover 10 years
show me the way to Uranus


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10 / 10I'm Towntelling!
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12 / 20Do No Harm
3 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!

Created Setups

over 7 years
almost 8 years
Raise 3 months
about 8 years
SGR :)
over 8 years
Someone spent $5 on me because I insisted that a dumb arrogant insulting D&D poster has probably never kissed a girl. I've reached peak form.
over 8 years
Hello, my son ...
over 8 years
Who are you trying to fool, sonny.
over 8 years
How've you been? Any intention to play any games?
deletedalmost 9 years
you said it was autistic gay and you were right. you were right all along. they're the worst.
almost 9 years
Raise, become Epic Mafia cuddle buddies with me once again.

Or else I tattletale to lucid, kid
almost 9 years
Long time no see. I'm doing well, how have you been?
deletedalmost 9 years
this is kyle. just letting you know that you were right about tvtropes.
deletedover 9 years
One of my personal fav peeps,
haven't seen the guy in a while
deletedover 9 years
One of my personal fav peeps, haven't seen the guy in a while
deletedover 9 years
sgr how do u feel about gamergate
deletedover 10 years
Lol I probably shouldnt have dragged that out for so long-- had volume turned off so I didnt hear the kick :/
over 10 years
Finals this week, home next week
deletedover 10 years
You win for best avi
over 10 years
Guess what, my man: I am home for break. It's ZPS time, bitch. Also find an SA game and I will sign up.