• Appears as villager to self.
  • When investigated by cop, will appear to be guilty.
  • When lynched, appears to be mafia.
  • When killed, appears to be miller.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

Janitorial 2.0 played 34,308 times
Voltron Doesn't Like It played 26,758 times
Basic Variant played 17,700 times
Who can catch the godfather? played 7,689 times
Back to Night School (B2NS) played 5,594 times
Catch me if you can played 4,738 times
Back To Basics played 4,099 times
Basic Scum Hunt played 3,769 times
Shoot Pranay played 3,753 times
Who Watches the Watcher? played 2,828 times

Available Achievements

I'm Towntelling! (10)
You get investigated by the cop but survive to the end of the game!
over 6 years
why is this role called Miller?
almost 7 years
im gay
deletedover 10 years
@Gafgarion Suspect is a recently added custom role as opposed to miller which has existed in EM for a long long long time..
almost 11 years
Why is miller allowed in Training when suspect isn't? Miller is arguably just a more complicated Suspect...
deletedover 11 years
what the hell what do real life millers have to do with appearing guilty by cops and looking like mafia when lynched????
about 13 years
Is this a reference to The Canterbury Tales, or just a coincidence?
over 13 years
Personally, I don't find much of a difference between the miller and the villager. Technically, they are the same, except they are a nuisance to cops, and make the game horribly confusing. Whenever a miller gets killed by the mafia, nobody gets upset and instead acts as if it were a good thing. Isn't the miller town sided as well?

Also, lol @RedCoyote's statement.
deletedover 13 years
Miller is a pretty cool guy.
over 13 years
y do ppl hate the miller bro
over 13 years
Miller gets treated really badly by village.
almost 14 years
while it is irritating i think it helps make setups with cops less town-sided
almost 14 years
I find miller really irritating. Who can love him?