• Visits one person at night once per game.
  • If that person dies, only the Janitor will know his/her role.
  • Sided with the mafia.

In popular setups

Janitorial 2.0 played 34,308 times
Politics as Usual played 14,896 times
frontier justice 2.0 played 13,773 times
Code Black Asylum (CBA) played 8,703 times
lolnoobtraitormafialose played 4,787 times
Who Watches the Watcher? played 2,828 times
Epicmafia's Favourite Four played 2,454 times
Gotta be Psychic! played 2,354 times
A framed drunk driver played 1,871 times
Trust No One played 1,752 times

Available Achievements

Oxyclean (30)
You hid the dead body of a power role in the game!
over 10 years
Conclusion: the order of "what do you flip" is as such (the stuff towards the end takes precedence): tailor (flip whatever role you were suited as) -> no-reveal (flip nothing) -> janitor (flip nothing) -> oracle (orc target always flips role, unless suited - then they flip suited role)
over 10 years
Mechanics testing: A janned celeb will *always* flip celeb, even in no-reveal setups. / A janned oracle will not flip oracle, but the orc target will become naked. / A janned oracle who self-orc'd will flip oracle, even in no-reveal setups.
about 11 years
Should be able to clean up yakuza so that the town doesn't know there's a yakked person
over 11 years
I propose that the dead gets a message, similiar to "You received a suit!" This message would be "You have been hit to head with a shovel!" This would be useful only if the target survives.
over 11 years
The Janitor should be allowed to use his powers on this Mafia Buddies :'(

I wanted to Janitor the Yakuza so the village wouldn't know the Yakuza had been played.
deletedabout 12 years
I always thought it was a machete. OTL
almost 13 years
If mafia kills someone who gets culted/yakked or masoned and Janitor uses his night action on them. then he only finds out they were mason if they got masoned or cultist if culted or normal mafia if yakked and this means he cannot claim their first role before they changed sides.
I got lucky when it happened to me as Janitor because someone suicided.
deletedabout 13 years
over 13 years
So, is it a mop or a shovel?