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Until people believe just who screams and caps the most, this game will forever be shit. Noone will think, read and try to find the REASONS why someone is mafia or town.



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  • EMO5 winner (team Sofia with Ailuropoda and Mycathatesyou - October 2015)
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That dreamer sticker is from EMO3 victory (June 2015) The illu sticker is from EMO6 2nd place (Novemeber 2015, Round 367)

(the others were given to me by friends, thank you!!!)


Another cool video:

I couldn't decide between this and the one you can see right there->

But that one is more representative of my nickname's "history" :)

And the 53 V's...

Grudges people have for no reason

No idea why, but arturotron (and his alts) always vote me. He even said it in pregame in this game:

It ends losing him more games than it wins (if it does win him any).

I'll update with more grudges, if I should find them (hopefully not).


One day this happened:




deletedalmost 6 years
Hello stranger
Hello unknown EM player
anonymousabout 6 years
Request my unban or more trophies will be snatched.
1. Idk who you are 2. I don't care 3. I wouldn't even if I cared.
over 7 years
I wish you could mentor me man, you are my epicmafia role model tbh. Plus, we have so much in common. We both wear masks!
deletedover 7 years
Ive looked and you haven't :(
Check again
deletedover 7 years
Why have you not accepted my friend request?
I do have accepted it, and see you among my friends. Check again :)


30 / 30Oxyclean
25 / 25Explosion!
20 / 20Clint Eastwood
20 / 20Do No Harm
20 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
about 5 years

I was on his last game

You're a champ man... (I'm deleted btw lol)
about 5 years
about 5 years
deletedover 5 years
haven't seen you in a while, come play epic mafia!
deletedover 5 years
haven't seen you a wihle, come play
over 5 years
miss you bro love you with all my heart =*(
over 5 years
It has been a wonderful ride my friend. I hope we will meet again one day in the future, may you a wonderful future and remember if you ever need help, I will try to the best of my abilities.
over 5 years
A fantastic player, and one that this site will be a different place without. Live on, you glorious , 'ts been a pleasure.
over 5 years
RIP You're amazing. <3
deletedover 5 years
I wish i had the chance to meet you earlier, you're such a real one, stickin to EpicMafia longer than anyone I know here. I have without a doubt that you are gonna be missed GuyFawkes22, to know that i'll never join one of your games again is kinda sad, but at least epicmafia will love on (even if it's just for a little longer). I'd like to leave my 11th kudo on your page, just to show everyone here that you are one of the people that i'm never gonna forget. I wish u the best in life mate...or whatever u trynna do without epic mafia in it lol. +k to 133 :] may you never forget us...
deletedalmost 6 years
If I comp BV I better see u with a trophy
about 6 years
@YHWH I don't remember the report, but I don't report depending on if I win or lose, I report depending on if it's against the rules or not :) See you around!
about 6 years
Are you seriously reporting me for a game you won? What is wrong with your brain
about 6 years
+k for playing granny's with me
over 6 years
I miss you my friend still. Hope you are well. hope to see you again soon =)
over 6 years
im baaackk
over 6 years
I miss you my dearest G. Im back for now until January 14. Hope to see ya again.
deletedalmost 7 years
all that experience and this also happened:
almost 7 years
Actress Honor Role: BorynStone 14/16

Of course he is a member of the Guiser Gang.

Fiddler Honor Role: monakej (pointfarmer)
deletedalmost 7 years
hi guy