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Hustle in silence, let your success be the noise.



anonymousabout 6 years
take my body
almost 8 years
hey lovey <3
hey you ;)
about 9 years
i love chicago
Me too ;)
anonymousover 9 years
<3 <3 <3
over 9 years
Are you still spitting on people? You'd better not be!
nooooooooooo (/spi...n?) ;).


6 / 25Objection!
5 / 10I'm Batman.
5 / 30Oxyclean
4 / 15Knight Devout
3 / 10Governator!
over 6 years
idk i went to college and i've been bad at keeping in touch with people
over 6 years
why are you still playing this SHITE GAME
deletedover 6 years
+K good bus
over 6 years
what u achieve by breaking 667ppl games
over 6 years
almost 7 years
I don't know how to do it : ( lol
over 7 years
hey so about that bootaayyy.....
over 7 years
how do you know that I did >_>
over 7 years
Dude you have a good taste in music.Every time I turn up at your profile, I end up with a new song in my playlist.
almost 8 years
My bootay has been taken hostage and I may never have it again RIP RIP RIP RIP
almost 8 years
i lost u
almost 8 years
Good work last game pumpkin
deletedalmost 8 years
*throws +K atcho*
almost 8 years
almost 9 years
nice to have you back in the REAL world..
about 9 years
hi hello wave
about 9 years
LOL AW 2 years ago thats sad... this should've been our 2 yr friendiversary...... . . .
deletedabout 9 years
I was suspended for 24 hours because I saved you. You're welcome. ;)
about 9 years
play me scrub
about 9 years
:( butthead..