• Can override a lynch once during a game.
  • Cannot override a no lynch.
  • If the lynch is overridden from Hunter or Paparazzi, they still can perform their actions, but they don't die.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

Cry n... oh played 6,110 times
Cry n' Spy played 5,450 times
pointfarm  played 2,674 times
Fancy Pants IV played 399 times
Overturn To Megan Fox played 324 times
Search and Destroy played 273 times
O2R Dawnstart played 265 times
True Facts played 263 times
Reverse Mafia 3.0 played 243 times

Available Achievements

Governator! (10)
You prevented an incorrect lynch and lynched a Mafia member!
over 7 years
Note: You can OT on yourself. This need to be fixed.
about 8 years
Note: You can't OT on yourself. This need to be fixed.
almost 10 years
Mechanics Testing: When overriding a vote if Gallis were to die because it has minority vote, and Gov decides to override, Gallis will still die from Minority Lynch.
almost 10 years
To confirm that Governor is alive.
almost 11 years
Gov can't override a nl, so why does he get the option to try...?
over 11 years
Oh yeah baby, smash dat lynch into mafs face.
over 11 years
Well, thats retarded. Just lost a game because I could not stop myself from being lynched. Thats nice to know that I cannot stop myself being lynched beforehand. Oh wait, it doesnt list that qualifier.
over 11 years
Hey, look, this guy isn't talking. I'll use my governor powers to stop the villagers from lynching the mafia so we can lynch THAT guy. One minute later, fool wins. :/
almost 12 years
Shouldn't be allowed to choose who to lynch-it takes the game out of the town's hands, and trolls use it to lynch cleared power roles, or anyone that's upset them
over 12 years
Atleast give me something like "suggested by iPuddi". It's not fair that I get no credit for it.
over 12 years
Sorry iPuddi, I asked for it years before you even joined ^^
over 12 years
Hi Lucid,
If you one day see this message, please switch WillianGallis's name with mine.
Yours sincerely, iPuddi
over 12 years
lucidrains•11 months 7 days
i like this idea. and it should be called the governor. this is a role that i promised gallis years ago and i'll build it asap.

Why is WilliamGallis getting credit for this?
over 12 years
The governor looks like he has an assface.
almost 13 years
I still made this, I mad.
almost 13 years
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL just noticed this. Haha.
almost 13 years
ello guvna!
almost 13 years
almost 13 years
Can we remove the message to Gallis anytime this week?
almost 13 years
Best role ever, don't fix/nerf!
almost 13 years
Hi WillianGallis, and now it's made! Onwards to the lobby chat! =P
almost 13 years
Ello, guvnah.
almost 13 years
He looks like a penguin
almost 13 years
Hunter is now obsolete.
almost 13 years
Only thing I don't like is that it can't be cc'd. Town will just vote one, and he will use his override if he is legit to change the vote to the cc.