• Visits one person to recruit every night.
  • If recruiting a Town-sided role, they will be converted into a Mason.
  • If recruiting a Mafia-sided role, all visiting masons die unless Roleblocked.
  • If recruiting a Cultist, Cultist dies.
  • If recruiting a Killer, Killer dies.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

The Best Reverse Mafia Setup played 46,619 times
Setup 963069 played 6,119 times
Sex and Lies played 5,369 times
All Hail Discordia played 4,700 times
Feels Good Man played 3,231 times
Darker than Black played 1,280 times
The Angel Game played 880 times
What a Big Headache! played 810 times
virgin stickerfarming played 631 times
Paranoid Pandemonium  played 580 times

Available Achievements

Knight Devout (15)
You successfully converted 3 people to mason!
deletedover 8 years
*if recruits cultist,cultist dies* BUTTTT*if recruited by cult he becomes a cultist*.....Yes that make senses.
deletedover 8 years - mason doesn't die when recruiting yak target (yak target will be converted to nilla not mason)
almost 9 years
Werewolf can be masoned, just throwing that out there
almost 9 years
whoops i cant find the game anymore. it is in sandbox. basically i was driver and i managed to become mason.
over 9 years
Yeah this is broken, Boltik and I decided to test thing masoning killer thing and the mason ended up killing the killer like it does with the cult
about 10 years
Just played a game where masons killed me, when I was killer as well they killed my admire later on in the game.....when he was killer so I think its broken.
over 11 years
I think its BS how the Cult are able to recruit Masons. That needs to be changed.
over 12 years
What happens if he hits cthulhu?
almost 14 years
+k for obvious reasons
almost 14 years
-k for obvious reasons
almost 14 years
The mason can clear people from being mafia. It's a powerful role if used correctly. People who use it incorrectly, even without mismasoning, can destroy the town though.
about 14 years
cult is better but this is cool 2.
about 14 years
Mason are interesting to play. They can rule the whole game :)