It’s not a lie if you believe it.
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anonymousover 6 years
oh my gosh! i love your song gangnam style
Ayyyyyyyyyyyyy sexy.... lady? I hope?
over 6 years
ur mom need cream for her anus becaus of last night with me. calling me worst player wen hipfire cop instantly wanted bw on blue missread everything complitrly trash player.
Aww that's not how you ask a question, T0ruk. Your spelling is improving, though! Good boy.


25 / 25Explosion!
20 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
20 / 20He's Batman
20 / 20Super Sleuth!
13 / 20Do No Harm
deletedalmost 6 years
Been statpadding in my absence, i'm back to put you in your place again
almost 6 years
shriveled balls
almost 6 years
old hag
deletedabout 6 years
just so you know i hate you
over 6 years
Top 10 best EM player currently
over 6 years
thats what u get for winning that cop cc
over 6 years
Im here to remind myself when im 2000+ points to karma you, great player right here and a genuinely helpful person, even as a maf to a vill, he helped me out post game to learn from my mistakes and improve, WHAT a lad <3 <3 <3
over 6 years
61 backwards fam, keep up old age got u slackin
over 6 years
Hmm this guy is pretty old :p
over 6 years
testicle forehead
deletedover 6 years
my bff is back
over 6 years
CSY I miss u :'(
over 6 years
Yes, we are cool-de-la!
deletedover 6 years
shut up smelly uglie
deletedover 6 years
stinky old man
over 6 years
Self Delete! Btw Nice Music, Nice Profile!
deletedover 6 years
I'm in love with my best friend
over 6 years
I hate it when I die before you can scumread me :///
over 6 years
hababe my fav terrorist <3
over 6 years
I see you've found yourself a granny below