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playing since 2010. deleted this account twice before remaking.

past alts include radiobread & KayHi.

old acc had 42 karma, 3 kudo :-(

also known as gaybi


anonymousover 5 years
Are you a girl or boy? :) cute.
Absurdismus oder auch die Philosophie des Absurden in der Philosophie bezieht sich auf den Konflikt zwischen der menschlichen Neigung, eine Erklärung und einen Sinn des Lebens zu suchen, und der menschlichen Unfähigkeit, irgendwelche Bedeutung zu finden.


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20 / 20He's Batman
15 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
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almost 5 years
buy a life mofo
over 5 years
the church is open to more members now!
over 5 years
hello kaybye please sayhi to the CHURCH OF SANDBOX
over 5 years
Yeah! We also once tried to play Go and failed so ended up using the pieces to draw a bird with a cig or something LMAO
over 5 years
This is Chinatsu ;; Do you remember
over 5 years
+k gaybi
almost 6 years
wow i remember you
about 6 years
+k because i've just returned as well, we back bois
about 6 years
You dare mock the son of a shepherd?