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over 7 years
Just to clarify what Daddd meant, he repeatedly told me to hammer someone even though he wasn't clear. I proceeded to hammer my FOS who was not mafia. Then Daddd proceeded to tell me maybe 20 times that I was " as " and every time I joined a game he spammed "Dylan, leave."
over 7 years
This player sucks, dont play with him
over 8 years
Damn man! Thanks a lot. Nice to see you, come back more dude
about 11 years
over 11 years
dude, please come back
almost 12 years
Sorry for my actions in that game of BAC. I didn't realize that Riddler had a report that you visited him; i thought that you just flat out claimed Drunk for no real reason. That's why I called you 'fucking retarded', 'bad', and all of that other crap. After that, I was just upset so I proceeded to insult anybody who insulted me. I threw gas onto the fire; it was uncalled for on my behalf and I got much too carried away with it. I'm sorry. This was typed on my Blackberry, and I can't play a game on it unless I join from the start, which is why I suid; I had to go. Sorry again and I hope I didn't hurt your feelings and/or make you feel bad and/or overly upset
almost 12 years
Oh my god yes<333
almost 12 years
pleaseeee come backkkk plzzzzzz
almost 12 years
the reason why i asked which sticker was the best was because i wanted to buy you one! unfortunately, i didn't even have 4 tokens :[
almost 12 years
when you see this, welcome back :] i know how much you've been wanting to play mafia again! have fun winning ^^
about 12 years
And here I thought I was the one who was supposed to take sandbox too seriously. I'm getting my thunder stolen.
about 12 years
>"everyone neg Overlord"

>you're the only one that did


about 12 years
+K! :)
about 12 years
+k :D
about 12 years
+k, great job!
about 12 years
Hey I have just created a site for Forum Mafia games. You should sign up it is New and I am looking for Moderators. Forum Mafia are games played in threads. Please join

Link: Playmafia.ucoz.com If you can would you please get your friends to sign up. The hardest thing to do is to start up a site so I need good members to help with the site please don't sign up if you will be inactive.

Kudos to u
about 12 years
You must think your funny kid!

Well, you are!
about 12 years
got u ur kudos :]

also +k'ed
about 12 years
Fk'ing amazing hammer... +k C: