Behind you.
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Hello :]

5/3/12- 99999 points.

6/5/12-111,111 points.

8/26/12 - 123,456 points.

10/16/12- 133,337 p01nt5. xD

11/30/12 - 140,000 points.

8.26.13- 175,000

2-1-14. 200,000 thanks everyone. <3



over 10 years
If you have 199k where are you going to play your game for the 200k?
probably on epicmafia.com
over 10 years
Is it true that you killed GoodPyro?
i ate him
almost 11 years
meowww :]
almost 11 years
How's life, I suppose
great. :]
almost 11 years
How long have you been on epicmafia, how/why did you join, and why do you still play? (Like why haven't you gotten bored of it yet)
i started yesterday. dunno how i found this place.cool ppls.


25 / 25Eye of the Beholder
20 / 20Super Sleuth!
20 / 20Do No Harm
20 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
10 / 10Gotcha!
over 5 years
Join my fam. Since you keep coming back you might as well be with people who love you and want you :D
about 6 years
annual reminder that ur still my fave
about 7 years
Katie 25mon 12d
fave <3
almost 8 years
rip the lejend
about 8 years
omg hey!! how's it going
about 8 years
GJ at keeping up the points
over 8 years
NOOOB!, Where are you at ;-;
over 8 years
Katie 8mon 19d
miss youuuuu
about 9 years
fave <3
over 9 years
over 9 years
SO close ...... 1,500 pts. Just 13 months later.
over 9 years
miss youuuuu
over 9 years
shake that for me
over 9 years
Do you want to promote your restaurant in Chronic News?
over 9 years
you are always #1 and thanks for proving me right about you coming back and taking #1 back for a bit
almost 10 years
wooo you're slaying once again bae *~*~*
almost 10 years
+kd family
deletedalmost 10 years
Karma for beating nova back to first because nova suck.
deletedalmost 10 years
+k for making it back to first!
deletedabout 10 years
FRICK +k for you because I didn't already, sorry.