Here's some meta: If you guilty me I'm probably mafia

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Recent Survivor Lobby game: 7th Place of Brainzdon's TAR (10 players) Reason for result: LAG

Karma appreciated!

http://www.epicmafia.com/game/2174265/review BEST GAME EVER LAL LEL LIL LOL LUL LYL

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8/3/12 6666 points exactly!

9/4/12 Super Sleuth

9/26/12 10k+ points

4/21/13 50 friends (SnipersGonnaSnipe)

6/26/13 20000 points exactly!

7/3/13 10 kudos

7/10/13 100 karma

7/16/13 - 8/12/13 Sleepwalker Honor Role

7/29/13 25k+ points

10/9/13 500 wins

10/22/13 I'm Miller, I Swear!

"I think he's leading by example now!"

lal I was my own 2500th and 6666th visitor



almost 11 years
Are you going to check into Riddler's game? Are you going to SURVIVE??
lal everyone's so impatient
almost 11 years
What is "better opportunity" than the EPIC family? So sad you left us :(
I joined the new family "Vivid Imagery". It was formed less than a week ago and we're approaching 500k.
about 11 years
What is your favourite song?
Bohemian Rhapsody obv
anonymousabout 11 years
wha is the first initial of your first name?
G. Full name: Get Out Of My House.
over 11 years
Why is Towntart so awesome?
Thou shalt not discourage thy master with useless commute.


20 / 20Super Sleuth!
20 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
17 / 20Do No Harm
4 / 10Governator!
1 / 20Clint Eastwood

Created Setups

about 9 years
+k to 114
over 10 years
100,023 :(
over 10 years
Thank you bby :3.
over 10 years
over 10 years
Lol...You obviously don't get it so there's no point in going on.
deletedover 10 years
Haha! Excellent work with Vivid Imagery. You guys are bombbbb ;D
almost 11 years
rofl returned to 112 thx
almost 11 years
6643'd visitor
deletedalmost 11 years
you need to get on the survivor game!
almost 11 years
Fixed the 5th one. :D
almost 11 years
Well I lost it again haha
deletedalmost 11 years
im ur 5000 visitor +k pls
deletedalmost 11 years
Lol at me being the cat eating with a fork, awh! :D
almost 11 years
Uh... this is what happens when you leave? Yes I think so.
almost 11 years
Congrats reachin the 20k bro ! Cya !
about 11 years
son where did your rpg thread go
about 11 years
woops my bad lol
about 11 years
not anymore, my ban expired
about 11 years
about 11 years
Nice game +k