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HEWWO IT IS I DOGGO (em's resident doggo twophy waifu)

i'm a simpl e doggo i love my pals and almost everyone on this site

i have too much time on my hands so here r songs that i dedicate to/remind me of em users (will add u if u comment on my profile at all gg)

  • slorp - loving is easy by rex orange county
  • mac - your song by elton john
  • cabby- without me by halsey
  • steph - tattooed heart by ariana grande
  • succinct - look at me (when i rock wichoo) by black kids
  • benjamin - cant get over you by joji
  • wink - happy by roy blair
  • despised - we'll never know by kings (just found this song today omg)
  • truehelios - peach by kevin abstract



deletedover 5 years
bark bork
bork bark!!
almost 6 years
b o r k
anonymousalmost 6 years
Who a good boy? You a good boy!
i woof u anon
almost 6 years
woof <3
almost 6 years


3 / 20Super Sleuth!
2 / 25Explosion!
2 / 20He's Batman
about 5 years
there is no doubt that youre my favorite of everyone is here <3 i adore you
about 5 years
im gonna SCREAM

i been planning my future months lately. i started working full time and i think things will work out... and maybe we can hang out sometime :flushed:
about 5 years
ur so cute ilu
about 5 years
i love u

jamming to the song rn im gonna cry
about 5 years
thank you for giving me a new song to add to my spotify *likes* also SKINNY doggo listens to yeehaw queen kacey musgraves!! we stan!! good pup
deletedabout 5 years
:click: :boom: killin all em fakies in your life, because you are the best and only deserve people who deserve u < 3 x love u
about 5 years
i choked on my spaghetti when i saw how many upvotes my woof had
about 5 years
thank you VERY much
about 5 years
u my absolute favorite doggo <3
about 5 years
about 5 years
u are my forever wife
about 5 years
woof ,
about 5 years
in name of all cats..

we adore you
about 5 years
i fkin love you
about 5 years
where did u come from?

where did u go?

where did u come from, cotton eyed doggoe?
about 5 years
mac and cabby? mac and cheese? the difference?
i miss u already
about 5 years
ur the only person i would ever marry...
about 5 years
yes i hop e that is ok
about 5 years
thank you for refreshing ur cache ;) i love yours too, snuggly doggo *pat*
about 5 years
love doggo the mostest