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anonymousover 5 years
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anonymousover 5 years
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3 / 20Super Sleuth!
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1 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
about 5 years
This is a good player
about 5 years
hi mom
about 5 years
Whats your favorite McDonald's™ item? For me, it's the McChicken®. The best fast food sandwich. I even ask for extra McChicken® sauce packets and the staff is so friendly and more than willing to oblige. One time I asked for McChicken® sauce packets and they gave me three. I said, "Wow, three for free!" and the nice friendly McDonald's™ worker laughed and said, "I'm going to call you 3-for-free!". Now the staff greets me with "hey it's 3-for-free!" and ALWAYS give me three packets. It's such a fun and cool atmosphere at my local McDonald's™ restaurant, I go there at least 3 times a week for lunch and a large iced coffee with milk instead of cream, 1-2 times for breakfast on the weekend, and maybe once for dinner when I'm in a rush but want a great meal that is affordable, fast, and can match my daily nutritional needs. I even dip my fries in McChicken® sauce, it's delicious! What a great restaurant.
about 5 years
Happy birthday lilin
about 5 years
happy birthday lilin
about 5 years
happy birthday lilin