here to gt for siren

I don't have a life in case you couldn't tell.

I'm just here occasionally.

More to come

Check out my custom roles they're ok I guess


anonymousabout 6 years
Are you awesome?
Depends on the day tbh


1 / 15Walker Texas Ranger
about 5 years
+k birthday boy uwu
I would like to announce that, 14 months and 11 days later, I finally have 10 games under my belt, and as such can receive some +ks
over 5 years
What was the great sandbox bunker of 8/19/18?
almost 6 years
never forget the great sandbox bunker of August 19, 2018
over 6 years
What Baabaa said. Play 10 games so I can +k you lol
over 6 years
i cant karma u ):