They may never understand your fire, but they will always long for your flames. I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.

It's been a crazy few years on this site, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Things you should know about me...

  • I hosted the first ORG on EM. Congrats SirPerior!
  • In my first trophy game I placed 4th place and have never come as close again...
  • I played in EMBB4 and flopped for being a snake.
  • I played in SBBB3 and got 2nd place!
  • I hosted EMVivor Season 1 with some amazing people!
  • I am currently preparing SurvivorORG S3 with some other amazing people!
  • I am obsessed with Jon Bellion and The 1975.
  • I'm 20 and live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • My birthday is September 5th.




over 6 years
I was on SBBB4 and flopped for being a snake so I can relate.
Ah we should take all the flop snakes and make them play together
over 6 years
Are you going to leave April Fam now that you have earned a silver trophy?


3 / 20He's Batman
1 / 20Super Sleuth!

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almost 6 years
I owe many of you an apology, things got a bit hard for me lately and I’m not in a great place. I likely won’t be making a return again, as I’ve come to a realization that I’m exhausted from the game. It takes so much out of me, and I should be focusing my attention towards my life. Epicmafia used to be a way for me to cope with my issues, but now I feel that my being a part of this community is an issue for me. I have made a lot of wonderful friends over the last 4 years and I want to thank all of you who added to this wonderful experience while it lasted. Love you guys, peace.
over 6 years
love you. sorry i gave up ;-;
over 6 years
I am running out of ideas and creativity has slipped by me (and I am currently extremely tired). I have messed up our time table but with this I will be back on track. I just want to remind you that I love you and you are more than welcome to let me know when you're sick of me and have found a real bae. ♥
over 6 years
Happiness shouldn't be something you give away at the expense of others. Happiness isn't a game you play with right or wrong answers. Sure, not everything will make you feel happy, the same way not everything can make you feel sad. To be happy means to be content, to be happy means to be pleased. What do you need to find contentment? What do you need to find pleasure? Some find contentment at the lowest points of their life because hey, at least they're still alive. Some find pleasure in the simplest of things around, because you don't need things to always be grand. When you're unsure of how you feel, remember that you can control your mood, not anyone else, not anything else, and you can choose to be happy. <3
over 6 years
God planned something special when he made you
On top of beauty and brains, you were made to reign
Over problems others may struggle to handle
Don't sell yourself short
Never forget your endless worth
Instead remind yourself of what you've overcome
Giggle and laugh at the problems that passed
Have fun and don't let others bring you down
There is nothing more upsetting for me to see than your frown. ♡
over 6 years
Forever I will remember the times we spent together, even when I'm grey, old and can not recall the image of you shirtless on Skype anymore, your name and your memory will remain etched into my mind, moreso those you impact every day with your good deeds. You know every power and potential held deep within you and the impact you can have on others around you, though some may not be grateful, you have and will encounter many people who will never forget you, and I will be one, never forget that, never forget me. ♡
over 6 years
Every day I pour my heart into these posts in hope that even during the worst day you face this year you may have something to make you smile. Don't you know that your smile is a precious gem that whomever comes across can't help but to smile too. I don't have any fancy words or rhymes for today, instead a smile on your face is all I require, if you ever forget you are a beautiful gem to someone, come to me and I will remind you. ♡
over 6 years
Does the earth spin around forever or does it have a limit too? Will a man live in spirit beyond death with us as one? When the sky cries with rain is it just really blue? Are we truly alive or just pretending to have fun? These are questions I can not know the answer to, but the answer to my heart has always been you.♡
over 6 years
Crowns and jewels glisten and shine, the value they hold is monetary. But crowns and jewels are nothing to you, for you are your own monarchy. A king is wise, a king is fair and most of all a king is always there. You are my king, you deserve the world and love for you is all I can share. ♥
over 6 years
Before I met you I wandered aimlessly, reluctantly looking towards the long and treacherous path ahead of me. Now that I've met you I still aim directionless, yet there is something surreptitiously sweet about the journey, my feet dance as if on cotton wool fields, my lips remain engraved with a smile, my thoughts are consumed with love, and this aimless journey seems bleak no more; hence I trot on because you are beside me. ♥
over 6 years
A rose can not compare to you, though critically acclaimed to be beautiful with a scent just the same, in comparison to you a rose is but a pestering nuisance, with thorns that make others bleed, you are it's rival with a heart that heals other's bleeding. ♥
over 6 years
Trophy guy wow
over 6 years
Edmond ^_^
over 6 years
I am afraid so lol
deletedover 6 years
:) vibrage
deletedover 6 years
In my first trophy game, I placed 4th place, and have never come as close again...

Boy I wonder who would be so cruel as to give you 4th in a trophy game...*sweats*
deletedalmost 7 years
Um this Jon Bellion fellow is amazing wow..thank u
almost 7 years
Karma'd for beating up my high school bullies. Thanks hombre.
almost 7 years
your profile is goals
deletedalmost 7 years
so do i mega... so do i :)