I got a question for ya. I got a REAAAAAAAAAALLY stupid question for ya. Something that's been bouncing around in the walls of my mind. I got a... REAL stupid question to ask you here. Do you think that / paper / is a vegetable? Do you think that paper is a vegetable or a fruit? I mean, apples -- apples come from trees. Does that mean that... paper is a fruit? If paper comes from trees, just like APPLES come from trees, does that make it a fruit? However, paper doesn't have any seeds, and one of the defining things about apples and other fruit is that they got seeds in 'em. So that would mean that paper would be something more akin to something like a vegetable. But, iiiiiiiis... paper a vegetable? IS paper a vegetable? Is it? Is it now? IS. IT. A VEGETABLE. Uh, uhh, it's a stupid question, I gotta say it is a very stupid question, but I, uh, want to know. Is paper a vegetable? Now you're gonna tell me, you're gonna sit there -- you're gonna sit there and be smart with me. You're gonna say, "you can't eat paper, idiot," well y'know what, just because something's inedible doesn't mean it's INEDIBLE. If I put paper in my mouth, chew it up and swallow it, sure my body's not gonna be happy with it, but eventually it'll process it and then I'll shit it out. Do I gain any nutrients from it? Probably not, BUT, would it be classified as a vegetable if I ate it, because maple syrup comes from a tree- but that's considered more of a sweet. Maple syrup isn't a vegetable, maple syrup isn't a fruit. SAP isn't a fruit, SAP isn't a vegetable, BUT paper comes from plants.VEGETABLES also come from plants. Do you SEE what's happening in my mind right now, do you SEE this question? This question has been tormenting me, TAUNTING me for days on end, because I know you're not supposed to eat paper, and I know paper isn't -- isn't supposed to be a food, it's not a food, you can't EAT paper, you get nothing FROM it, you're not a fucking cow, cows eat grass, grass isn't a food, grass is a vegetable for cows... is paper a vegetable for -- for goats, or is it a, uh, a general all around vegetable? I gotta, I gotta, I gotta, I GOTTA, I GOTTA, I GOTTA ASK YA. IS.... paper a vegetable? Is this like a secret question? Do you think I'll be taking a test in my dreamscape, and the teacher in my dream will say “You got this question wrong, paper IS. a vegetable"? Do you think pa-paper is a- do you think paper is a grain...? Because wood, wood has grain. Do you think PAPER is a grain because wood has grain, when you cut a piece of wood you look at the grain. DO YOU THINK PAPER HAS UH IS IS IS UHH A GRAIN like wheat? Do you think you can make break out of paper? Do you think if you work really hard at it, do you think you could make bread outta paper? Do you think paper is a vegetable or bread? Now I don't know, if you make a paper sandwich, and you take three, three pieces of paper and, and you set 'em down, would that be a pa-p-paper sandwich? DO YOU THINK PAPER IS A VEGETABLE??? DO YOU THINK PAPER IS SgfSfgHfFgddsfFdHsdfsdHFFsfdsVEGGIE? D-Do you... do you think? Do you think? Do y...

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