his palms are sweaty, knees weak arms are heavy, theres vomit on his sweather already moms spagetti, on the surface he looks calm and ready to drop bombs but he keeps on forgetting what he wrote down the whole crowd go so loud, he opens his mouth but the words wont come out

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over 12 years
Incompetent, -K, play some more sand box.
over 12 years
tyvm, +k returned
over 12 years
Thanks for the birthday gift. heres something for you. +k
over 12 years
+K, nice job in lylo, u had me pegged and ik that was a hard call for jade
over 12 years
+k'd you I could teach you how to scumhunt but i'd have to kill you later. OMg your so awesome at being you teach me that!!!!
deletedover 12 years
Sweet we both got one violation lol. :D And yeah, great scumhunting skills. +k'd. People like you should play more often on this site. I swear I thought we were going to lose.
over 13 years
+k for letting me bus him :p +k back imo
over 13 years
Nice job watching! +k
almost 14 years
+k :)
deletedalmost 14 years
Ask me about my watch.