married to 
part of  family


         em user bebop is my fiancé.



anonymousabout 7 years
whats your favourite song from melodrama
i have a lot of faves but the louvre, writer in the dark, & liability
about 7 years
where did you gooooo
im dead
anonymousover 7 years
thank you
over 7 years
hi new friend :-)
hello my pal body!
over 7 years
i love you MORE
i love you MOST!!!!


2 / 20Super Sleuth!
1 / 20He's Batman
over 5 years
over 5 years
still straight?
deletedover 6 years
your profile song <333 i can't wait for loona's full group debut
deletedalmost 7 years
you always have such good songs on your profile 10/10
almost 7 years
Merlot, it's me Luna, come back and play with me sometime okay?

We miss you Winnie!
almost 7 years
Goodbye Merlot Bop
Though I never knew you at all
You had the grace to hold yourself
While those around you crawled
They crawled out of the woodwork
And they whispered into your brain
They set you on the treadmill
And they made you change your name
deletedabout 7 years
hey winnie
about 7 years
baelot, love ur icon/avatar
deletedabout 7 years
what would compel you to make such an absurd enquiry
deletedabout 7 years
what did you just say :<3
over 7 years
u succ >:)
over 7 years
You are awesome.
deletedover 7 years
OMFG Merlot, I am lucid. Quit lying to LegitZooted in report # 213357. I had to make separate account cuz Edark banned my lucid account
over 7 years
i love you too
over 7 years
over 7 years
Can i be sandbox owner please thanks
over 7 years
ur still wrong tho
over 7 years
think u have the wrong person
over 7 years
i lov u too <3
over 7 years
tu tu ru