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about 9 years
Ayyy bae, if I proposed, would u say yes?
Change dat avi and you wont get a no ;)
deletedover 9 years
Sure ^w^


20 / 20Super Sleuth!
10 / 10Death Row
17 / 20He's Batman
6 / 20Do No Harm
6 / 15New Sheriff in Town
about 7 years
who is this bootiful person <3
about 7 years
oh haha, its ok! thanks much! and i +k'd u b4 :) :)
about 7 years
cool vid! <3
about 7 years
Hi Sonia!
about 7 years
rawr! :3
about 7 years
or you could redo my profile for me :)
about 7 years
Alec told me hosts arent supposed to take sides, but im rigging for you.
deletedabout 7 years
*blushes* +k.....
about 7 years
aww, you're a great friend too <3 at least when you don't hide the catnip :3
about 7 years
wow, I guess it's a good thing that I'm an amazing cat that you'd never want to disown then.
about 7 years
does that mean if I wasn't amazing, you'd disown me? D:
over 7 years
Chiaki is the best character though, js.
over 7 years
I never played DR, all I know is Sonia is by far the best character and is very complex!
over 7 years
alright the ONLY good tier list for DR2 characters INCLUDING DR3 stuff

Kazuichi > Kuzuryuu > Ibuki > Fatogami > Sonia > Hajime > Nagito > Teruteru > Mikan > Hiyoko > Gundam > Peko > Akane > Chiaki > Nekomaru > Mahiru
over 7 years
I never played DR, all i know is sonia is the worst character.
over 7 years
that Hiyoko placement is surprising :o am I missing a lot by not having her hope fragments?
over 7 years
lol I better be careful to lock my door. :^)

What about you what's your list?
over 7 years
well I've only completed the main story so far I haven't collected all the Hope Fragments so keep that in mind but ok

Chiaki > Ibuki > Gundham > Sonia > Kazuichi > Nagito > Mahiru > Fuyuhiko > Hajime > Hiyoko > Akane > Mikan > "Byakuya" > Nekomaru > Peko > Teruteru
over 7 years
<3 Btw I finally got around to playing DR2 it was great! :)
over 7 years
you better win em vivor or we're not weeb buddies anymore