If you tell yourself a lie long enough you may start to believe it's the truth.
Hope's Peak Academy
in love with someone gone
part of  family



anonymousabout 6 years
I miss being close to you. I remember when we talked everyday ;-;
Hit me up with a message! I'm always willing to talk to people!
over 6 years
r u the mole
Am I?
almost 7 years
is nice
deletedalmost 7 years
is amazing
almost 7 years
is ginger


20 / 20Super Sleuth!
10 / 10Death Row
17 / 20He's Batman
6 / 20Do No Harm
6 / 15New Sheriff in Town
about 9 years
those hoes aint loyal
about 9 years
+K because I've just actually looked at your pic for the first time and the girl in it is cute. jk ly <3
about 9 years
+K because you gun me a lot in gnh and gsg. Also upvotes. Positivearmystrong. :3
about 9 years
Noooo I was talking about 2 nights ago (I got 2nd place 5-4 against madmike because of bitter jury. I posted this way before evolpz game began ):
about 9 years
i was robbed last night 8)
deletedabout 9 years
+k bc you deserve it yes ♥
about 9 years
Let's play some time! You're always fun to be around. (:
about 9 years
Told ya I'd do HxH c:
about 9 years
i BAKED it to perfection. I apparently have never +ked u either. Have some! lol
about 9 years
eat my poke
about 9 years
I will win this poke war.
about 9 years
Btw next time I am gonna delete the poke, its annoying to return poke back to 10 same people over and over xD Enjoy my final poke :)
about 9 years
youre amazing! never forget
deletedabout 9 years
baeeee ♥
deletedabout 9 years
who is kat?? i assume kitana. :)) which platform btw?? if you are xbox we need to play omg
deletedabout 9 years
d you play mortal kombat?? i assume ur a cassie main as well then
about 9 years
Snvm <3
about 9 years
+K even tho u r really mean
about 9 years
like the profile song!
about 9 years
hi <3 *hug*