Los Angeles, CA

Ohai. I'm Tori.

I used to play on here years ago and sort of miss it. If you recognize my name from back then, please tell me. Nostalgia is always fun.

If you have a problem with me or the way I play, feel free to -K me. All I ask if that you give me proper reasoning in a message or a comment.

Also, if you +K me, tell me why. I like knowing what I did well and I don't mind getting an ego boost ;P


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about 8 years
Holy ! I was thinking of you the other day. How have you been?
over 10 years
holy shit, HIII. Dayum, it's been AGES
about 11 years
hi <3
about 12 years
+K cause i've owed you!!
about 12 years
YES!!! i'm always playing late at night!
about 12 years
<333 been too long
over 12 years
<33 heyy
deletedover 12 years
now i realize why you know so much about massachusetts lol
over 12 years
k to counter kobe
deletedover 12 years
yup it was tisdale
over 12 years
You can talk to me on MSN... that's the only thing I really use now.
over 12 years
Sorry I poofed - parents started bitching at me for avoiding french.... i'll probably come waste another hour of my life on here when I finish
over 12 years
Plussed :) <3
over 12 years
<3 <3
deletedalmost 13 years
<3 you
deletedalmost 13 years
almost 13 years
oh hey tori :)
deletedalmost 13 years
oh my god :( <3
almost 13 years
HI BB <333
about 13 years
♥♥♥miss you