Baker St. 221B

~Specially made~

:3 I'm pro scumhunter Proof: (Hilarious game with retarded mafia <3) - Genius Cop - Epic bussing - Having guilties every night is kinda fun :)

~Sonatina's first attempt to troll :3~ CheGuevara 3 hours 39 minutes wow that's deep and no one cares

FatalCalamity 3 hours 37 minutes You should care, it might affect the revolution

Sonatina 3 hours 34 minutes evolution you mean?

CheGuevara 3 hours 33 minutes You're a fucking moron sonatina.

Trixi 3 hours 26 minutes lol Sonatina, you made LOL

FatalCalamity 3 hours 14 minutes LMFAO @ Sonatina

MizzuzSpock 3 hours 10 minutes

+k for evolution. LOL.


2 / 20Super Sleuth!
1 / 10Scumhunter
1 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
1 / 20Do No Harm
over 10 years
do you remember me even lmao i just remembered i had this account and im cringing to infinity and beyond
deletedalmost 12 years
Raw, I'm in your bio.
almost 12 years
We should~! have fun with your classes c:
almost 12 years
i'm doing great :) I haven't talked to you in forever ><
almost 12 years
sonatina! you're back!
over 12 years
*reads bio* Where's my box of cookies? ;3
almost 13 years
This one will work this time! Also lol @ Video mafia
almost 13 years
lol, thanks, that was the first time I'd ever successfully argued a lynch. And it only took like 11 months.
almost 13 years
Plussed, I enjoyed being your maf partner.
almost 13 years
Vacation, y u no read top of my profile?
deletedalmost 13 years
striderstyle. joggerstyle is a fake and who the fuck is eric?
deletedalmost 13 years
deletedalmost 13 years
I had to lie again. I'm sorry ;-;
almost 13 years
no you are good
trust me
there are some people like anime that they don't know how to play so they say this things to other people.
deletedalmost 13 years
+k'ed....sorry about that game...forgot to no kill..>horrible comp.lobby noob D:
almost 13 years
shame cloud didn't see your post earlier! <3
deletedalmost 13 years
k then <3
almost 13 years
cloud is pretty good. The baker is still unplayed... oh well~! How is Sonatina? :3
almost 13 years
+k no you are not bad you are good. anime is just a bad player
almost 13 years
Yah. Thats what Im implying <3