• Visits one person every night.
  • Learns that person's role.
  • The Actress will appear as that person's role upon death.
  • Sided with the mafia.

In popular setups

hollywood illusions played 9,565 times
MG – GS Gauntlet played 5,329 times
Extreme1 is a poor noavi :( played 2,067 times
Your favourite setup played 1,398 times
Clickbait played 1,134 times
Saboteur is boring  played 903 times
Overturn To Megan Fox played 324 times
A Hot Naked Actress played 151 times
Lethal Circus played 108 times
deletedalmost 6 years
When Orced, Actress appears as the last role she acted. This should be included in the description as I lost a game because the table was unclear of this
about 7 years
Does actress shows up as acted person or actress when revealed by orc or bride?
deletedover 7 years
hey guys pro strat

Tell your partners who you're going to actress so if you die they know that persons role
about 8 years
Icon looks a lot like Hooker to me
almost 11 years
wtf i thing the name should be changed
almost 13 years
I have always supported Actress being the 'Self Tailor' as it makes much more sense and makes the Actress much more valuable especially when CCing prs.
almost 13 years
OP role is OP
Its basically a stalker with a self tailor combined.
deletedabout 13 years
ok so apparently tailors can't self-tailor, which gives us all the more reason to have Actress as the self-tailor role, if you will
deletedabout 13 years
Actress would be a much more effective and versatile role if, instead of choosing a person, it chose a role at night.

This has been suggested before, but after playing around with the role and trying to figure out how best to use it in a competitive setup, I'm certain it would see more use if changed to picking a role and not a person.

**In addition to this change, to balance it accordingly, I suggest that the Tailor role be made unable to self-tailor. This would give Actress its own specific trait among the mafia team, instead of it being a duplicate of having a smart Tailor on the team.**
about 13 years please share your input. the actress has greater potential.
about 13 years
Hey this is like the chameleon role I was toying around with glad a role like this is now in the game
about 13 years
@tailor Yus.
about 13 years
Kana, did you clear your cache?
about 13 years
I can't change the role description lol.
deletedabout 13 years
Fixed, thanks.
about 13 years
HAHA oh wow.
It chooses a person and gets its role. Sounds exactly like my role from a while ago.
And I would find my Actor role if I didn't actually post the role AFTER this one. Meh.
about 13 years
Right now Actress does not pick a role, but chooses a person, without knowing their role.
about 13 years
not even working?
about 13 years
Sorry for all the submissions. I wish there were an option to delete a submission. p:
about 13 years
Hmm, for people making icons. Remember to put it in transparent backgrouns, and take in consideration this role is mafia-sided.
about 13 years
I can't wait to make Setups using this role.
about 13 years
Whups, I broke it. Ehhhh
about 13 years
v Thanks.
about 13 years
Congratulations on being selected for official release
about 13 years
amazing for multi-setups