• Visits one person every night.
  • That person receives a suit chosen by the Tailor.
  • If that person dies, his/her role will be revealed as whatever the suit is.
  • Sided with the mafia.

In popular setups

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Extreme1 is a poor noavi :( played 2,067 times
Your favourite setup played 1,398 times
Clickbait played 1,134 times
Saboteur is boring  played 903 times
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over 7 years
Will the chef message be the suited role?
about 10 years
Mechanics testing: If someone gets a suit, detectives (and Stalkers -- but not Cops, even if it's a maf suit) see them as the suited role. Insane Cops start with suits, Actresses get suits when they act, and Tailor gives out suits. Capiche? Furthermore, if an Oracle dies and reveals a suited person, they're revealed as the suit.
over 12 years
if they suit a mafia as town and a det invests them, do they show maf or suited?
deletedabout 13 years
deletedabout 13 years
This role is pretty cool. :3
about 13 years
awesome role! love it. but how come none of these roles are used in games?
about 13 years
This is totally mafia, you're all missing the in-game implications of this. If tailor suits, say, a mafia as cop, who then ccs as cop and gets lynch. Now towns thinks REAL cop is "ovb" mafia. this role has been suggested NUMEROUS times in many different ways. This one is a little OP, but the ability to make no role truly clear makes people have to rely on actual scumhunting skillz, rather then just following the clear or using loop holes
about 13 years
Even as maf this role sucks.
about 13 years
>Maf doesn't know if they've killed cop or not
>Maf doesn't know if they've killed doc and if it's safe to kill another clear/PR
over 13 years
-91 lolol.
deletedover 13 years
This role is completely useless and stupid.
over 13 years
I think this role should be like politician, and sort of switch every few days...... or just plain be mafia sided.
over 13 years
op, troll role
over 13 years
This role should be mafia-sided. It makes no sense as town. As for people claiming it's overpowered, the tailor just makes the game functionally a no-reveal and setups using this role can be tailored to account for that. If you want to make it less powerful, you could (1) prevent tailor effect from taking effect the night it's used (so maf can't kill+tailor someone), (2) make tailor a one-time use like janitor, (3) allow mortician to see the real role, (4) put watcher/tracker in the setup. They devastate this role.
over 13 years
I agree, this should be mafia sided.
over 13 years
not a fan of this role. it's just basically a game troller.
over 13 years
This role is useless for town and overpowered for mafia.

At least make it so that morticians can tell the actual role of the tailored.
over 13 years
And exactly what would be their winning condition as a third-party, genius?
deletedover 13 years
There should be a Fool suit. (:D)
over 13 years
fully disagree v
I say make it third party.
over 13 years
I don't mind the town sided-ness of it but whatever happens please don't make it third party because that's just dumb.
over 13 years
I fully agree with gordon
over 13 years
this role is garbage as is, should be third-party or mafia
over 13 years
Scenario 1: Mafia kills a blue with the "C suit. d1: Town lynch the cop.
Scenario 2: Town kills a blue with a mafia suit. d2: Town rl thinking they had an ml and lose.
deletedover 13 years
Scenario 1:
n1: Maf kills a blue with a "Doc" suit.
n2: Maf tries to kill cop.

Scenario 2:
n1: Maf kills the doc with a "Blue" suit.
n2: Maf avoids the cop.