• When a fellow mafia member dies during the day, can decide whether to take over his/her role.
  • Sided with the mafia

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BEARS N BOOBS' MULTI (BNBM) played 172 times
about 7 years
WTF? This sh*t can take mastermind
about 7 years
A mafia backup huh
over 7 years
This is interesting with mafia that don't come to meetings. Also I wonder if it resets the role, i.e. if you apprentice an illusionist do you get a gun?
over 7 years
pretty good, like the fact that you could continue what another mafia had started,
the best use is to be Godfather because you'll appear inno
over 7 years hit me up with them tokens fam.
over 7 years
interesting role