• Chooses one person at night.
  • Visits that person (can be Driven).
  • Checks alignment, then performs an action:
  • If the Mimic chose a town:
  • ...Visits that person and self (cannot be Driven).
  • ...Steals their role and turns them into a Villager.
  • If the Mimic chose a mafia:
  • ...Visits self (cannot be Driven).
  • ...Turns self into a Villager.
  • If the Mimic chose a 3rd party role:
  • ...Visits self (cannot be Driven).
  • ...Turns self into an Amnesiac.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

drunken slutty party (dsp) played 170 times
about 5 years

If you mimic fool/lyncher,you become one..
deletedover 5 years
Mimic does NOT turn celebrity into a villager; you BOTH become celebs. It's bugged bb
over 7 years
When Mimic visits a mafia, they visit the mafia AND themselves (same with visiting a town). The Mimic description for choosing town versus choosing mafia is inconsistent. PLEASE FIX.
almost 8 years
as a mimic I visited thulu and didn't get thulu'd :(
over 8 years
Yeah, mimic doesn't count miller and gf as "guilty" and "inno", but as "town" and "mafia", so he steals the role on miller and turns blue on gf.

I had already tested it on a setup I made time ago (I also commented here, around 9 months ago).

It's probably easier to just change the description instead of the mechanics of how it works :P
deletedover 8 years
"For alignment check, Godfather counts as town" "If the Mimic chose a town:
...Steals their role and turns them into a Villager" which means when mimic chooses godfather it should turn mimic into godfather and godfather into blue, right? nope here's the proof https://epicmafia.com/game/4925969
almost 9 years
i visited lyncher, became a lyncher. WHY
almost 9 years
I was mimic on angel (third party) I became a angel, and the became a blue. https://epicmafia.com/game/4429184
deletedabout 9 years
mimic on surivor turn him blue
about 9 years
May 21, 2015:

Mimic on blue turns blue too (just like on mafia)
about 9 years
As of now (May 20, 2015):

Mimic turns into a blue even when visiting GF.

When visiting town power roles (also miller) he steals the role. Didn't see him on blue yet.
over 9 years
over 9 years
this is a dumb buggy role
over 9 years
I turned into an alien. Whyyy.
over 11 years
Mimicking a amnesiac turns both blue.
over 11 years
http://www.epicmafia.com/game/1451673 Why did i turn in to killer
almost 12 years
Mimic + Self-Shrunk Shrink = 2 Shrinks. Should this happen?
almost 12 years
@FFirebrandd if a mimic chooses a third party, they don't visit the third party.
about 12 years
i was a mime this game and successfully mimicked a cultist, sooo i guess cultist doesn't count as a third party in this case?
over 12 years
http://www.epicmafia.com/game/841321 apparently a mimic picking cthulu doesn't go insane and turns into a amnesiac
over 12 years
If mimic picked GF, mimic will become GF. So strange especially since the mimic who picked the GF became the jan'd target.

almost 13 years
If the mimic picked a killer, he will stole that killer role:
deletedalmost 13 years
So, in simplest terms, the mimic not only takes the town PR's ROLE but also their ACTION of the night they swap with them.

................................... This was what I had in mind for mimic when creating the role, as it is thus a much more effective sit-in for the Doctor/Bodyguard roles.
deletedalmost 13 years
So, this isn't necessarily a bug, but I think Mimic would function much better if this was included (I posted it as the first comment to the role when I made it, page 1 of the cmmts): ...

What it means by assuming the role at night is, for example, that Stalker will discover the swapped/changed role and that the reports of the swapped player will instead be received by the mimic. ... I'm not sure how this would be implemented, but the idea is for Mimic to not waste the night action of the player dying that they're swapping into. In other words, player Z, the Mimic swaps with an Oracle in a given night where that Oracle has chosen player X, the stalker. X the stalker also has checked player Z's role this night. The day following the night, Z would now be an Oracle on stalker X, so X is told that Z, who was mimic, is an Oracle.
almost 13 years
When this becomes comp, except to see... millions of trolls.