New York City
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I regret everything. I'm on twitter. Not with this name though ahaha

Founder of NMN Initiative, which stands for NO MORE NI- NEGGERS

Night 1 Kills: Host, anime avatars, chefs

Sad Panda Tags: abortion, ahegao, amputee, cervix penetration, cheating, dark skin, elf, gyaru, impregnation, milf, mind break, nakadashi, netorare, snuff

1v1 Bomb Record: 18-0

Hostkill Record: 47

Chriskill Record: 5


anonymousover 6 years
are you real /v/?
I'm so /v/ I didnt even know how to answer this until now
over 13 years
have some +k
over 13 years
deletedover 13 years
over 13 years
+k for spotting maf so easily
over 13 years
Awww thanks hunny! :)
deletedover 13 years
:) 5char
deletedover 13 years
Hey, this is FlashCards. Even if you think the clear is a noob, it's better to follow him than the person he's trying to lynch. Next time, just follow the clear, and if his stupidity causes you to lose, neg him. More often than not, the clear knows what he's talking about.
deletedover 13 years
lol :D im glad
deletedover 13 years
+k for epic doc...fucking leet.
deletedover 13 years
dude i plus and you guise as me twice -_- fail if you want to guise as me do it right seriously i dont use commas, capitals, "sir", the phrase "listened to a girls request" i do however use a lot of ? ! by themselves so if you want to guise as me do it right son
over 13 years
Plussed for epic cop
over 13 years
plus K :D
over 13 years
+k for accident veg
over 13 years
Thanks. (:
Can't wait to play another game with you. Funn!