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deletedover 12 years
It doesnt matter if its the internet. It needs to be stopped. Because of things that were said on the internet a girl killed herself awhile ago. I'm not saying its that serious, but it shouldnt ever get anywhere near there. So right now, help me, or fuck off. but i really could use help on the subject.
over 12 years
Fuuu you ruined my flawless victory with your vegging
over 12 years
+k'ed, good luck in the future!
over 12 years
your so random
over 12 years
even though im the one who identify the autowin, giving the win, ass
over 12 years
Much appreciated!
over 12 years
you were reported in for encouraging game breaking. You cannot encourage people to suicide for game related reason.
over 12 years
you were reported in . You were found to have game related suicide. For your first offense, you will receive a 12 hour suspension.
over 12 years
+k for calling people out on karma whoring
deletedalmost 13 years
Thank you!
almost 13 years
+k'ed for knowing how I play and scumsensed me in a game where nobody thought i was maf.
almost 13 years
+k'ed for good detective skills.