I'm a teen who loves video games, history, WWE, and anime. I personally prefer Nintendo and Xbox in terms of consoles. I don't really consider myself part of the trashy weaboo community. I like anime and greatly appreciate the entertainment it brings but I hate almost all weaboos for their instant sharp criticism of any critics or people who don't watch "enough". Fairy Tail, Black Butler, and Durarara are my favorite animes.

I'm a huge history/geography nerd and essentially an encyclopedia when it comes to that stuff. I absolutely love the WWE. Feel free to leave a friend request if you want. I accept anyone!

3DS Friend code: 1822-1503-1693

Nintendo network id: Mewmeowwoof

Xbox live: TyphoonGamer205

about 7 years
hey voidzzz. I havent picked on u for a while so yaaaa. Go back to tumblr ecksdee