Heh, I guess I'm back for the meantime
part of  family

Add me if you want. I really suck at this game. My favorite roles are granny and cult. My second favorite is prolly fool, because I never win at that and really wanna :)

Hey guys... if you +k or -k me please let me know why. I'm always trying to improve, so let me know how I was scummy or how I played well.

So far... +k = 88 (Thank you Geezeus!) -k = 24 (We won, and some stupid person still negged me because his reactions were so scummy. Good Job.)

Welp, new karma system. So now it's +k = 44. ...New karma system again? I don't even know anymore

February 17, 2011, I no longer need a to +k list :)

I'm married to Matt12! He let our baby get eaten by an anaconda -.-"

Oh, and by the way, I hate you all. Every. Single. One of you.

I'm back from a hiatus! (Maybe) I forgot how much I hate you guys. You're all spammers and trolls.

almost 9 years
i miss uuu
almost 10 years
who r u lol
about 11 years
about 12 years
Plussing your Karma back! Wow, so sorry for not replying in 5 months! Was REALLY busy! :D
over 12 years
Merry Christmas to you too :P a late one!
deletedover 12 years
i wub you too bon bon <3
deletedover 12 years
As you should!
over 12 years
deletedover 12 years
Merry christmas
deletedover 12 years
Because i'm neurotic and you're dirtying my page. <3
deletedover 12 years
deletedover 12 years
Do you remember chicknoodle?
deletedover 12 years
monbon...ltns...although im not on the account you'd even remotely remember me on
almost 13 years
soooo its kc1178 :P heard through the grape vine u were looking for me like 6 months back :P
about 13 years
Awesome game, that one, and great hammer. Even though I lost. +k.
about 13 years
+k for great bomb save
about 13 years
ahahah thanks :]
about 13 years
+k'd you! enjoy
about 13 years
-k u took to long to get lynched XD
about 13 years
+Ked you. I now feel welcomed to the family :)