Hi hi
Dead in a Mansion

Thanks for visiting my profile ^.^

I love watching anime and reading manga!

I am a crazy weirdo/geek and I am proud of it!

This is me saying: I love you bro/sis!

over 9 years
hai :3
deletedover 10 years
Oooh. Just found Ouran. Watching a few of them now :D
over 10 years
hi!!! I've been working all day this week! it's craaazzyyyy, I've been tired-but good! wbu?
deletedover 10 years
Ohhh I thought of that before but they didn't paste
deletedover 10 years
How you paste pics on your profile :c
over 10 years
hii =)
over 10 years
+k for no reason
almost 11 years
Thanks for the add. Lets play some games together sometime.