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  • ~ - ~ - I was on my way to school, I do'z me. I hopped out the drop, and grabbed my juicy. I hopped, skipped, jumped past them hoopdies. But wait, I forgot to grab my loose leaf. I doubled right back, ba-back like "who's that?" I did a little dance, like cat, ba boom, cat. I love how the jocks be watchin' me. So I grab my crotch and say "hehe!" I be like bum-diggity dum, when I pop my gum. They lookin' dumb diggity dumb, think they stoppin' somethin' I said excuse me honey, I'm the bugs bunny, Elmer Fudd ain't got my karats, so he ain't got nothin' for me. Cause we the mean girls, yes we're so fetch. And when we in the yard, we jumpin' double dutch. We back to the future pearl ya with the best.
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