married to 

i! just! want! to! be! okay! with! who! i! am!

almost 9 years
luv u
deletedover 9 years
come back
over 10 years
here habe some +k
almost 11 years
+k for being a nice qat.
almost 11 years
hey bby
almost 13 years
plus Ked for a game i played with u a while back!
almost 13 years
double hammer time lolz!!! BallerSTATUS GG
almost 13 years
good game :) i think i was the only one that would've went with the 1/2 vs 2/3 way to kill cordy on night 4...and hoping nobody picked up on that.
almost 13 years
Good game mate
almost 13 years
+K for having a good hunch, and knowing I was mafia from the very start! ;)
about 13 years
m&m :> plussed
about 13 years
:) :D :P