South Carolina

> My Background

Hi! I'm Robert, but everyone here calls me Thunder. I played epic mafia a couple of years ago with some friends, but now that I'm in college I've picked it back up again. When you're a Freshman senator, training to be president of an orginization, and studying all the time, you'll find that epic mafia is just the right game to fit in those small cracks of time. I love rock over most music, but I listen to a very broad range of music. Finally, I like meeting new people because even over the internet you'll make some great friends. That about sums it up, thanks for reading!

> College

I am a student at the College of Charleston in South Carolina

> My Roles

  1. CEO

> How to Contact Me

Msg on here... lol


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i felt bad for you too even though i wasnt in your game. lol +k
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Youre right. Im taking a few days off EM see if I get back to my normal play. I was shitty for the last 2 days... man Im so dissapointed in myself.
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ty, +K
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lmfao it said that when i tried to add you too.
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