Drunk Tank

The room is spinning and you've had too much to drink. The role you have tomorrow may not be the one you think. Did you forget you were a mason and go join the cult instead, or did the mafia come to visit and you shot them in the head?
almost 14 years
what i like about this setup is that it has a high chance of producing intresting and very ballenced results,
and a lot of them,
in this game it's hard to establish a norm bc there are so many possibilities.
and it's fun
over 13 years
sweet description!!!
deletedabout 13 years
Win percent: 0% non sided.
deletedalmost 13 years
this is a masterwork.
almost 13 years
this is beautiful
almost 13 years
this really sucks for amne if you can't amne anything, no matter how pro-town you are
almost 13 years
amnesiac amn'd yakuza, and then got masoned. what the fuck?