No one loves us.

In this setup, It can be played differently depending on who died. Tracker should realize that anyone who visits is scum. but if they don't visit the kill, they are silencer.
If tracker dies, Town is pretty much going to lose, unless they get lucky and find both mafia, and convince the other town that that person is mafia. Day one, only NL if warlock is dead. If you don't, he will more than likely get a point. If you risk the NL say one, warlock--> fool, so you have to watch out for that. Survivor should never claim, because no one wants him alive, he steals points. Most times, it is best for both teams to let the Politician lead an RL. If you get RL'd, and you are tracker/LK YOU SHOULD CLAIM THAT. Silencer can make it so you can't defend yourself, so you can get fucked if the LK died shortly before, and you are silenced, and being RL'd [leave comments]