• The Don can override a lynch once during a game.
  • Can not override a mafia-lynch.
  • Can not override a no-lynch.
  • Sided with the mafia.

In popular setups

I hate myself and you too. played 323 times
over 7 years
almost 8 years
virgin pls
almost 9 years
Well, at least something powerful for lynching tree to prevent gator or some virgin claims.
almost 9 years
What if gov OT on mafia and don in game?
almost 9 years
I was don and OT to gov, don acts second if gov and don in the same game, so advantage maf.
almost 9 years
So mafia sided governor in a way basically? Are we going to have mafia counterparts for every town role? Mafia chef when?
almost 9 years
No, town PRs can still claim normally, more fake claims will be made. This role does not impact the game much except that gov is no longer a unique-auto clear role.
almost 9 years
This role is INCREDIBLY powerful.
deletedalmost 9 years
Don = donut

almost 9 years
bad role
almost 9 years
so having this in games means town PRs can not out and blues are supposed to hypo claim. correct?