• Gives a working gun to a non-mafia member once per night.
  • The gun will not kill a mafia member. (e.g. will show up as if it hit a bulletproof vest)
  • The gun can kill other villagers.
  • The gun has a 50% chance of revealing, 50% chance of being anonymous.
  • Sided with the mafia.

In popular setups

I JUST WANT TO TROLL YOU played 1,430 times
Roll The Dice played 114 times
Mafia Multi V2 (MM2) played 105 times
over 10 years
Fun fact: in multiple mafia setups, an associate gun from Red Mafia won't work on Black Mafia, and vice versa. The mafia-check isn't team limited.
over 10 years
Another bug: If deputy shoot the associate, the associate survives, even if he did not give the gun.
almost 11 years
It's bugged. You can give the gun to mafs not in meetings, like sniper.
almost 11 years
All I can see from this is a mafia orientated village sided gunsmith. That causes a cluster fuck of arguments. That is all.
deletedalmost 11 years
this role is not that great.