• Can kill one person per night, separate from the mafia meeting
  • Cannot vote within the Mafia meeting
  • Appears as Mafia on all reports
  • Attends Mafia meetings, and makes them anonymous
  • Wins if alive alone, or among the final two when all Mafia sided roles are dead
over 5 years
Alyssa u can edit the last line description
over 5 years
Mutineer isn't supposed to count towards maf majority.

the last line here is confusing. Mutineer is supposed to outnumber town like killer would, where a lone mutineer would have to get to the final two of the game. However if there's any mafia left alive, mutineer loses.
over 5 years
I don't really understand what that win condition is.

Is it like autocrat where it wins when all maf die?

Also does this count for maf majority like MM/Usurper do?
over 5 years
There's a mutiny on our hands