• Can choose to paralyze the town once a game.
  • Everyone's votes will be locked if they are voting.
  • Sided with the mafia.

In popular setups

Yin Yang Chaos played 2,474 times
Darker than Black played 1,280 times
Hip-Fire played 377 times
Who Ruined The Christmas? played 356 times
procrastinating killer played 141 times
follow the ble(a)der played 127 times
Mafia Multi V2 (MM2) played 105 times
over 7 years
about 9 years
I was paralyzer. I paralyzed town before they voted. then town voted me, I shot GS.
Now, to me, I got dead, and I left game. But now it says I suicided. All town had voted me. so does it mean Paralyzer makes NL?
deletedover 9 years
Pointing it out, this doesn't stop people from voting, just stops people from changing. its best for random bw
deletedover 10 years
i think there is a glitch bc everytime i am paralyzer it doesn't paralyze town? or does everyone have to vote for it to work?
almost 11 years
almost 12 years
not a strategy just a hack.
over 12 years
I click No on D1.
I lose my meeting from then on.


Negging until fixed.
over 12 years
What penguin said. All it does is make an enormous vote timer and force everyone to veg.
over 12 years
This role is bugged and doesn't work.

deletedover 12 years
Paralyzer, paralyzes a person at night, that person cannot vote during the day
over 12 years
This Role is bugged, As in the only thing you can do with it is unlock votes by clicking end meeting..... (the Yes and No buttons don't do anything / work)
over 12 years
Governor actually makes a really nice counter for this, assuming a NL hasn't been locked. What happens to people who get paralyzed before they have a vote up?
over 12 years
So did the additional idea make it in?
deletedover 12 years
I don't like this role at all...
over 12 years
Indeed a different name would be good.
over 12 years
congrats lyt
deletedover 12 years
I really don't like the idea tbh. Locking the votes beforehand is really unfair, unless you propose to have this implemented in larger setups.
over 12 years
This role is almost as dumb as Zovea.
deletedover 12 years
over 12 years
Imo, would be better as a political name/role and not maf side otherwise would make it way too easy for maf in a pinch.
over 12 years
this might be better as a game mode, as suggested before. also a better name would be... well, better.
over 12 years
Needs a different name lol
over 12 years
might be fun for some time, but after a little while ppl in para setups will just get used to the fact that votes might be locked at any time, and will act like they always are, put votes up only if they would put it up after a kick normally.
wouldn't add too much to games in the long run. imo.