• Visits one person every night.
  • Any system messages that person receives that night are given to the Journalist as well.
  • Sided with the village.

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about 5 years
oh my GOD who changed her clothes
over 8 years
Does anyone know by any chance how the role logic for this role works? I'm trying to make a role that works in a similar way to the Journalist, but I can't find the role logic.
over 9 years
more like journoSHIT hahaha am I right guys
deletedalmost 10 years
Why the heck can I self-journ?
over 11 years
@Gafgarion: Mind=Blown
over 11 years
Playing with the dark skin from Riddler... noticed this role is spelled with an upercase i instead of an L... lol
over 11 years
My Journalist:


BUT WAIT A AGAIN! How about we re-name THIS Journalist the "Courier." Much more fitting. A courier is a messenger; the idea, then, thematically speaking, is that he would act as a sort of middle man between the investigator and the investigated, and as such learn info from that position.

Rename this the Courier!
about 12 years
It shouldn't say any, it doesn't tell you if the person you picked was hit with a vest by blacksmith.
over 12 years
The icon is amazing, but the role is a tad overpowered... If they hit the mafia, it's as strong as the cop.
over 12 years
Can't say I'm fond of the icon.
over 12 years
Hey lucidrains, if you're reading this, you might want to switch the role icon to the updated one I made with color and size correction.
over 12 years
If I stole it from everyone, then why did nobody suggest it? lol I pulled a Zuckerberg.
over 12 years
GodDamnit Judy. You scared the hell out of me when they said Journalist had been implemented i thought it was mine Journalist, lmfao.
deletedover 12 years
this isnt your role.... you stole it from like everyone lmfaoo
over 12 years
This role is added to EM. Sincerely yours, the comgu.
over 12 years
over 12 years
Village-sided Informant. People have been talking about the idea. It's about time somebody officially suggested it.