• Visits one person and attempts to call the role of that person.
  • If correct...
  • The Werewolf devours that player.
  • The Werewolf becomes invulnerable to day kills and lynches for one day.
  • If wrong...
  • The Werewolf will be revealed to all.
  • Wins if Werewolves outnumber all parties.

In popular setups

Take Me To Granny's played 12,640 times
Setup 963069 played 6,119 times
Thriller played 3,117 times
pointfarm  played 2,674 times
Take Me To Church © played 1,372 times
The Angel Game played 880 times
virgin stickerfarming played 631 times
mist played 554 times
Setup 1132157 played 464 times
Thriller played 461 times
over 6 years
The werewolf eats people and then I win the game!
deletedabout 7 years
What are the ww strategies?
almost 8 years
according to sandbox this is the best role. i disagree
over 9 years
tfw you vest celeb and ww eats him n1 (sandbox)
deletedalmost 10 years
about 10 years
best role like, ever
over 10 years
Mechanics testing: If werewolf tries to eat someone who's in jail, they will not become naked and the kill will not go through. | Werewolf can eat through vests, docs and pretty much everything else. | If angel or monk save ww eat-target, the kill will not go through, but the ww will become immune (or naked) anyway.
over 10 years
on sandbox always claim agent + another third from setup
over 10 years
If werewolf is killed the night they eat (even if they eat correctly), they die.
almost 11 years
deletedalmost 11 years
If Werewolf's target is being visited; the target is not devoured wholly and is turned into another werewolf.
about 11 years
Werewolf Paradise setup: 24 villagers, 1 ww
over 11 years
I claim Gallis, all vote me. Hehehe.
deletedalmost 12 years
confusing... ?????????????????????????????????????? what is the point of this role?????????????????
deletedalmost 12 years
Sandbox strategy: claim as granny, gather all roles, devour everyone. You're welcome.
deletedalmost 12 years
How is a werewolf able to eat a tree but not granny?
over 12 years
Werewolf should be IMMUNE to baker-death starvation if they eat a person properly. THEY'RE GETTING FED. :|
over 12 years
Can we make this unable to eat Trees? It's a tad ridiculous for your role to, essentially, be a woodchipper with a nose.
over 12 years
Natstar, 3 months ago: Silver bullets are for werewolves. It's crosses and garlic for vampires.
almost 13 years
Werewolf and Mafia joint win. www.epicmafia.com/game/549220
about 13 years
I tried if wolf matches correctly and vig kill the wolf at night, the wolf's kill will not go through.
about 13 years
Werewolfs are not Vampires.

wsteyer 1 month 18 hours
Hunter does not have silver bullets. Should not be able to kill werewolf.
about 13 years
I think if they visit hunter at night, the hunter should kill them. Kind of like a granny for Werewolves.
about 13 years
in a really diverse setup ww is the hardest thing ever
about 13 years
But the hunter killed the big bad wolf. And even then, why not shoot diamond encrusted silver and gold bullets if you're going to die? It's not like the money is going anywhere else. Just let the damned wolf die from bullets.